Step 1: Purchase

Select an option on the "Order" page.

Step 2: Send in your picture

Send your favorite picture of your pet to . Make sure the picture allows me to see the face and body of your pet well enough. The better the picture, the better the portrait will come out. Feel free to provide any information about your pet that will help me capture their true essence, as well as any color preferences.

Step 3: Confirmation

I will send you an email back confirming that I received your pictures. Give 2-3 business days for the illustration process.

Step 4: Proof

After I am done with the illustration I will send you a digital proof to look at first before sending off the final print or digital files. You then can make 1 round of adjustments if you choose to do so.

Step 5: Shipping/Delivery

After the final piece is printed I will ship USPS so give 2-3 business days for arrival. If you ordered a digital print/avatar I will send a digital file to the email provided.